News | December 5, 2013

Recent Advances In Arc-Safe Electrical Distribution & Control Equipment


Today’s electrical workplace is much safer than it was in the late 1970s. Since then,  the NFPA 70-E safety standard has driven changes to the National Electric Safety Code, which has accelerated innovation in safer electrical equipment.

Advances in safer equipment have emerged on two fronts: The first is the development of arc-resistant assemblies that can safely contain electrical arcs. The second is improvements in equipment that, by design, can reduce the chance of an arc occurring. Over the past 40 years, much of the progress in arc containment and prevention has been driven by Eaton, applying extensive experience gained in customer facilities to the development of ever safer electrical equipment.

Type 2C MV switchgear from Omaha Power Center
In the area of arc containment, Eaton now offers fully arc-resistant Medium Voltage (MV) and Low-Voltage metal-clad and metal-enclosed switchgear and MV motor controls that safely confine arc events within their perimeters. More recently, Eaton introduced Type 2C arc-resistant MV switchgear that is designed to restrict the arc from migrating to adjacent cells when an internal arc occurs providing an added layer of equipment and personnel safety.

InsulGard Relay
In the category of arc prevention, Eaton’s FlashGard LV motor control center uses insulating shutters to isolate electrical workers from and energized bus when removing and replacing MCC buckets. For MV applications, Eaton InsulGardrelays continually monitor the health of critical insulation to detect signs of degradation in energized equipment. These innovative products are excellent examples of assemblies that, through design ingenuity, reduce the overall likelihood of arc events. Contact an Eaton representative to learn how to update equipment specifications to ensure you’re building the safest possible electrical facilities.