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Research And Markets: Europe Consumers' Attitudes And Perceptions Of Vehicle Safety 2014


Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "2013 Europe Consumers' Attitudes and Perceptions of Vehicle Safety" report to their offering.

Overall, safety is the second most influential general vehicle feature for next vehicle purchase, with reliability being the first. Majority of respondents have their families and themselves in mind when purchasing safety options.

The French, however, are significantly more concerned with the safety of their children than their European counterparts. Attitudes toward safety can impact adoption rates. Those segmented as skeptics are slower to adopt, but basic safety seekers and full feature seekers should be targeted to increase safety system adoption rates.

Familiarity with safety systems is moderate. Generally, those safety systems with higher familiarity also have higher uptake rates.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Research Background, Objectives and Methodology

2. Executive Summary

3. Safety Attitude Segmentation

4. Importance of Safety and Safety Feature Preferences

5. Impact of Preferences and Price

6. System Bundle Take Rates

7. Individual Safety Feature Take Rates

8. Override and Warning Preferences

9. Stressful Driving Scenarios

10. Accident Occurrence

11. Respondent Demographics

12. Appendices

13. General Attitudes Towards Safety

14. Familiarity with Safety Systems and Features

15. Safety Technologies Purchase Likelihood

16. Stressful Driving Scenarios: Definitions, Levels of Stress, and Safety Technology Mapping

17. Vehicle Types by Buyer Persona

18. MaxDiff Analysis:Vehicle Selection Criteria, Sources of Driving-Related Stress, Attitudes Towards Safety and Driving

19. MaxDiff Analysis:Share of Preference for Vehicle Selection Criteria by Country

20. MaxDiff Analysis:Share of Preference for Safety Systems by Country

21. Pricing Sensitivity Meter Analysis

22. The Company Story

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