24/Seven™ GritWorks!®

Source: Tennessee Mat Company, Inc.
The True Slip-Resistant, Anti-Fatigue Mat – 24/Seven™ GritWorks!®
Named for its ability to work 24/7 to keep your employees comfortable, we've taken this mat a step further by adding our improved GritWorks!® formulation to the surface. 24/Seven™ GritWorks!® offers 40% more traction than OSHA recommends in wet areas. A single workstation mat, it has a hidden interlocking system designed to connect on all four sides making it perfect for covering large areas. Easily attached 3" wide safety beveled edges provide safe employees access. Available in Nitrile rubber for extra resistance to caustic liquids, 24/Seven™ GritWorks!® offers safety and comfort at exceptional value.