Aerial Lift

Aerial lifts are a valuable piece of equipment in the work environment
Time: 13 min.

  • Safe operation of scissor lifts, truck mounted units
  • Key areas to inspect before operation
  • Surveying the work site for potential hazards
  • Evaluating weather conditions
  • Vehicle stabilization and traveling
  • Safe work practices and platforms
  • Proper use of outriggers
  • Working near electrical lines

Complies with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.67 and ANSI A92.6

Aerial lifts are a valuable piece of equipment in the work environment. If not used properly, however, a lift can expose the operator and his co-workers to serious hazards. Using the lift puts the operator at risk of contact with electrical wires, exposes him to the possibility of falls, and exposes other workers to the possibility of dropping items off the platform.

This training program will reduce aerial lift incidents in your facility by creating an awareness and respect for the potential hazards and motivating your employees to follow the best safety practices. Ideal for employees who work around the lifts without actually working on them too. Reduce accidents with this comprehensive program.

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