News | January 12, 2022

Amerisure Selected For National Safety Council Advisory Group To Help Prevent Ergonomic Workplace Injuries

Farmington Hills, MI (PRWEB) - Amerisure is pleased to announce its selection as an advisory council member for the National Safety Council’s new safety program to help prevent musculoskeletal disorder (MSD), or ergonomic, workplace injuries.

Funded by Amazon, the program will address the risks associated with ergonomic injuries and drive key initiatives to help prevent and eliminate workplace losses across the globe by engaging key leaders and stakeholders, leveraging technologies, and implementing prevention processes and solutions.

“We are honored to be selected as a council member for the National Safety Council’s important MSD prevention program,” said Kevin Clary, Amerisure’s vice president of risk management, premium audit and agency services. “Our extensive experience with risk management practices and utilizing innovative methods to prevent workplace injuries makes me confident we will be a strong contributor to this effort.”

Amerisure understands the unique exposures encountered in the workplace — including ergonomic injuries. As one of the only insurance carriers leveraging certain technologies to address worker safety, the company is piloting several solutions to help policyholders reduce injuries at work, including wearables to reduce the frequency and severity of ergonomic-related losses and cell phone applications that provide information about the ergonomic movements of the owner to help reduce workers’ compensation claims.

As a member of the council, Amerisure met with the founding group in December to discuss initiatives and tactics to explore. This year, the council plans to roll out an MSD pledge to companies of all sizes, conduct extensive research, host a hackathon to inspire solutions from students, and provide small business grants. Learn more about the first-of-its-kind program at the National Safety Council website.

“Together with an impressive group of knowledgeable representatives across industries, we can pursue and implement innovative solutions to help prevent the most common workplace injuries,” said Clary.

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