News | July 1, 2016

Anchor Safety First To Supply Sought-After STALSEN Disposable Gloves To UK Market

Anchor Safety has exclusive rights to the UK release of the new latex free disposable glove range from premium hand-protection manufacturer STALSEN.

Ipswich, Suffolk (PRWEB UK) - Anchor Safety is taking orders now for three new latex free gloves from STALSEN, which received an extraordinary reception in product trials. Results show 75% of trial users believed the gloves outperformed other disposable gloves on the market in areas including comfort, dexterity, grip and durability.

Caleb Horner, Sales Team Leader, Anchor Safety, said, “We always believed the STALSEN range offered unbeatable wearer protection and would be well accepted by users. But our customers and their employees have helped verify this by testing the gloves in real working environments. Their positive feedback was overwhelming, and orders for the new range are coming in at a steady rate. We’re extremely excited to be able to supply the gloves to our customers.”

The range includes STALChem, a glove that offers a level of comfort users normally only associate with latex products, but in a synthetic, chemical splash resistant glove. STALGrip, with its raised diamond pattern, delivers extraordinary grip and strength, along with chemical protection to EN374 Class 3. Thicker than other products designed for similar applications, this glove can be reused. STALMax is among the strongest disposable glove on the market, while still providing superior grip and chemical splash protection. Each of these gloves offers the comfort, strength, and durability you would expect from a latex glove, without the likelihood of harmful irritants and allergens. As a result, workers are happy and equipped to do their jobs, protected against workplace hazards and occupational skin disorders.

Comfort plays a key role in user acceptance, and is thought to be one of the key reasons wearers have asked to swap their existing products for the STALSEN range. “The gloves are industry-leading in terms of wearer protection, strength and durability, but the fact that they’re also comfortable has made them extremely popular with users,” said Horner.

During the trials, users were asked to compare the new gloves to their existing products. Referring to the STALMax, a user said, “It protects technicians’ hands from oils and harmful substances which they use on a daily basis.” Another said, “The grip is far better, and the product reacts better with diesel, refrigerant and oil. Comments about the STALChem glove, included, “The gloves are better overall. Sand doesn't stick to them quite as much and we get longer use out of them.” Meanwhile, the STALGrip excelled, with one trial user awarding it an improved or greatly improved status across every performance category.

Allergens are a highly individual issue and it's not always possible to predict reactions with accuracy. Nitrile and polypropylene gloves are far less likely to cause an adverse skin reaction, but Anchor Safety urges companies to conduct their own trials to guarantee the right glove for the job.

Visit the Anchor Safety website ( for more information on the STALSEN disposable glove range or contact Anchor Safety on 0800 328 5028 for further details on the products, to request samples or to organise a product trial.

Source: PRWeb

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