Annual Retraining Kits

Source: InterSafe
All recent OSHA regulations require that employees be "retrained" at least once a year
The easiest & best way to train that won't break your budget
English and Spanish
All recent OSHA regulations require that employees be "retrained" at least once a year. "Regulatory Retraining" Kits include a "general awareness" Videotape (with instructor's Guide and reproducible Scheduling & Attendance Form and Employee Quiz) which reviews highlights of the OSHA regulation and reminds employees of the most important aspects of compliance.
Videotapes and Booklets provide information that OSHA requires be given to employees, and come with Leader's Guides, Scheduling & Attendance Forms and Quizzes. Also included in the Kits are 5 Posters and 30 Employee Booklets that support the information in the Video. Kits are available for:

Available Kits

  • "Right-To-Know"/Chemical Hazards
  • Lock-Out/Tag-Out
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Laboratory Standard
  • Lead Standards
  • Bloodborne Pathogens

Kits Booklets (15 Pkg)
Posters (5 Pkg)

The videotape programs in the Retraining Kits do not contain all of the detailed compliance information that are found in the Compliance Kit Videotapes, and are designed to be used only for retraining purposes.
All Videotape Programs, Posters and Booklets are available in both English and Spanish. All products are also available individually.

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