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Ansell Announces Connected Workforce Safety Brand, Inteliforz™ With New Collaborators

Global safety protection solutions leader collaborates with Modjoul and Corvex™ to launch a suite of worker safety solutions

Iselin, N.J /PRNewswire/ - Ansell, a global leader in safety solutions, today announced a new workplace safety product and service brand, Inteliforz™. Leveraging real-time worker contextual connectivity and actionable movement data, Inteliforz™ extends Ansell's safety promise by delivering cutting-edge, connected safety solutions to drive enhanced worker safety and a more engaged workforce. With the launch of Inteliforz™, Ansell has joined forces with Modjoul, a leading wearables and data analytics company delivering innovative solutions to improve workplace safety, and Corvex™, a leading innovator for connected workforce technologies.

In working with wearable safety technology and analytics leader, Modjoul, the Inteliforz™ Motion Series leverages wearable sensor technology for the hand and wrist, providing measurable and actionable data that helps reduce risky movements that can lead to work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Similarly, by combining the Corvex™ cloud-based platform and IoT technology architecture with Ansell's safety innovations and industry leadership, the Inteliforz™ Zone Series provides a continuous loop platform to report and resolve safety risks, ensure personal protective equipment compliance, and provide a real-time method for teams to interact, recognize, and share workplace safety concerns.

The new Intelliforz™ brand delivers innovative safety management solutions by offering industrial workers access to data to analyze motion ergonomics, and providing assurance to health and safety managers that tasks are being executed through the use of proper equipment.

"At Ansell, we have a deep understanding of workers' needs and the importance of evolving safety products and solutions that are accessible to the front line as well as safety managers and executives," states Neil Salmon, Managing Director and CEO at Ansell. "Through Inteliforz™, and with the support from our technology partners, Corvex™ and Modjoul, we are enabling front-line workers to identify, collaborate, and gain insights to improve personal workplace safety while also improving their overall workplace. Our new connected worker technology is the future of workplace safety."

"As a result of revolutionary connected tools such as Inteliforz™, the connected worker market can reach new heights and give millions of front-line workers across the globe the ability to improve their safety while on the job," says Joe O'Brien, CEO and Founder of Corvex™. "With Ansell Inteliforz™ as a trusted partner, combining Ansell's safety innovations and industry influence with our cloud-based platform and IoT technology, we can enhance workplace productivity, motivation and engagement that will lead to higher retention and less risk."

With the increasing need for a collaborative work environment and accessible workforce safety insights and data, Inteliforz™ delivers an evolved set of hardware and software products that meet rapidly evolving, technology-enabled workplace safety demands. These new products empower workforces and safety managers to identify and prevent risky movements that could lead to injuries before they happen.

"Identifying invisible safety risks and movements that affect your employees and creating a more empowered workforce is now possible with Inteliforz," says Eric Martinez, CEO of Modjoul. "In partnering with Ansell to develop wearable hand and wrist technology, data analytics, and AI to address preventable workplace injuries, we're thrilled to officially bring this product to the market to identify risky hand and wrist movements that could lead to MSDs for industrial workers."

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About Ansell
Ansell is a world leader in providing superior health and safety protection solutions that enhance human well-being. The world's need for better protection never stops, so Ansell is constantly researching, developing and investing to manufacture and distribute cutting-edge product innovation and technology, marketed under well-known brands that customers trust. Operating in two main business segments, Industrial and Healthcare, Ansell is the market leader that continues to grow, employing 14,000 people worldwide. With operations in North America, Latin America/Caribbean, EMEA, and Asia Pacific, customers in more than 100 countries around the world trust Ansell and its protection solutions. Information on Ansell and its products can be found at

About Corvex™
Corvex™ Connected Worker is a leading innovator in the market for connected workforce technologies that enable frontline workers to deliver improved results. Based in Minneapolis, Corvex™ technologies connect workers and managers using continuous-loop digital tools that foster real-time communication and collaboration. We power the workforce of the future.

About Modjoul, Inc.
Modjoul is committed to keeping employees safe and productive by empowering them through data analytics. Modjoul has a full line of industrial IoT offerings designed to improve operations.

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