News | May 29, 2018

Apex Cos Launches Pallet Rack Audit & Safety Video Training Series

Online Instructional Videos are Key Component of the New Apex Rack Repair and Safety Program

West Chicago, IL. (PRWEB) - Apex Companies, leading warehouse solutions provider, announced their new Rack Repair & Audit Training Video Series as an integral part of the recently launched Rack Repair & Safety Program. The videos are an online instructional resource designed to prepare warehouse teams in the basics of warehouse rack inspection and repair.

Rack Repair & Audit Training Videos Include:

  • Upright Damage Audit
  • Beam Damage Audit
  • Beam Safety Damage Audit
  • Anchor Damage Audit
  • Pallet Rack Components Overview
  • Drive-In, Push-Back & Pallet Flow Systems Overview

The new Rack Repair Mobile App is the cornerstone of the Apex Rack Repair & Safety Program and the first mobile app developed to guide warehouse personnel through a complete pallet rack damage and safety inspection.

Apex offers two rack inspection options: “Do It Yourself” using the FREE app or “Leave it to the PROS” - which relies on the independent audit services of the Apex Professional Rack Audit team. Both options guarantee a comprehensive damage assessment and non-biased repair or replace solution.

Option 1: Do It Yourself - With step-by-step instruction, the Rack Repair App guides users in identifying damaged components and properly capturing all necessary specs for repair or part replacement.

Identify pallet rack damage

  • Determine severity of damage
  • Capture all needed specs
  • Receive complete damage report & repair/replace recommendations

Option 2: Leave it to the PROs - For warehouse owners and operators who prefer to hire a professional, Apex has a Professional Rack Audit Team. All Apex auditors are certified through an education and training program approved by SEIZMIC Engineering, a professional engineering firm specializing in material handling system safety. Auditors use the Apex Rack Repair App to conduct the rack damage and safety assessments:

Apex Professional Rack Audit Benefits:

  • Maintain scheduled routine safety audits
  • Ensure OSHA and RMI design compliance
  • Provide comprehensive rack inspection report
  • Submit non-biased repair/replace recommendations
  • Keep ongoing damage/repair records

About Apex Companies
Apex Companies is a full-service warehousing solutions partner. Our family of companies work seamlessly to provide customized material handling and storage solutions that match each customer’s inventory needs and budget. We design and install a variety of pallet rack and conveyor systems and provide a full complement of warehousing vehicles and equipment. Apex also offers comprehensive pallet rack damage assessment and repair services. For storage system design, integration, and equipment, Apex strives to provide the best quality and service in the industry.



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