News | December 23, 2019

Atheer Has Completed Its Initial Certification Of Its Augmented Reality Management Platform For Use On The New And Innovative Augmented Reality Device, ThirdEye Gen's X2 Mixed Reality Glasses

Initial certification paves the way for the availability of the award-winning, enterprise-grade Atheer "AR Management Platform" on the world's lightest weight mixed reality glasses, the X2 Mixed Reality Glasses made by ThirdEye Gen, Inc.

Santa Clara, CA and Princeton, NJ /PRNewswire/ - Atheer Inc., a leader in enterprise augmented reality and pioneer of the Atheer Augmented Reality Management Platform, completed initial certification of the powerful and lightweight new binocular X2 MR Glasses from newcomer in the augmented reality hardware space, ThirdEye Gen, Inc., for use on its award-winning Atheer AR Management Platform.

This initial certification with ThirdEye's head/gaze motion controls, audio commands, and gesture controls means that Atheer's growing base of enterprise customers will soon have a new and exciting device to offer for its myriad use cases. ThirdEye's Android-based X2 MR Glasses, the lightest weight mixed reality glasses on the market weighing just about 300 grams, offer a wide field of view with powerful sensors and advanced mixed reality features that are not available on monocular devices. The 13-megapixel camera on the X2 MR Glasses allows for HD video streaming of content. ThirdEye will also soon be offering cellular 5G compatibility which will allow technicians to use the glasses and software anywhere with built-in connectivity.

"It's exciting to see Atheer, a well-established leader in the enterprise augmented reality market, complete initial certification of its award-winning AR management platform for use on ThirdEye's X2 MR Glasses," said Nick Cherukuri, Founder and CEO of ThirdEye. "We're thrilled to be working with Atheer and together meeting what we know is a growing demand for enterprise AR across a broad range of use cases in vital industrial sectors including the automotive industry, telecommunications, aviation, and manufacturing."

Atheer's CEO, Amar Dhaliwal, is equally enthusiastic about the partnership. "We are thrilled about the initial certification of ThirdEye's X2 Mixed Reality Glasses as it will soon give our customers access to a new, lightweight and more affordable binocular hands-free hardware option," Amar said about the new device for their software.

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About Atheer
The Atheer Augmented Management (AR) Platform is an enterprise-grade AR productivity and collaboration solution designed for industrial enterprises. Atheer was recognized as the Best Enterprise AR Solution at the recent global Augmented World Exposition and Conference, 2019.

Founded in 2012, Atheer provides the only fully integrated enterprise-grade solution for contextual work guidance and support which combines secure multi-point video collaboration, integrated step-by-step work instructions; broad device support (from smartphones and tablets to all major smart glasses); native support for multiple types of interaction (including gestures), detailed dashboards and reporting, multiple languages, and enterprise-grade security and availability.

Atheer is being used today by leading industrial enterprises to transform the productivity, accuracy, quality, and safety of their industrial workers, providing real and radical business impact. Customers include Porsche Cars North America, Volkswagen Group UK, Julabo, Thales, Anglo American, and the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Atheer is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

About ThirdEye Gen
ThirdEye is a leader in smart glasses and AR/MR software development. Its X Series Mixed Reality Glasses and ThirdEye Workspace App software platforms are being used by organizations around the world. Mixed reality glasses bring about a new era of hands-free human interaction by directly interacting with surrounding objects through the Internet of Things (IoT) or placing digital information directly into your field of view.

While many companies today use just smart glasses or only software, ThirdEye provides a full end-to-end package for its customers and employees. It has hundreds of software developers creating apps ranging from games to entertainment to enterprise applications and its products retail around the world. From everyday consumers to Fortune 500 companies, ThirdEye is bringing the power of mixed reality everywhere. Mixed reality has the potential to change the way the world operates, and ThirdEye's vision is to help generate the future.

Source: ThirdEye Gen, Inc.

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