News | December 15, 2022

Augintel Launches Case Worker Safety Alert To Provide Personal Protection For Caseworkers

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Platform Mines the Unstructured Data in Case Notes to Identify Caseworker Safety Risks

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) - Augintel, an NLP-based SaaS platform that gives clinicians a deeper understanding of the people they care for, today announced that it has launched a feature to help protect caseworkers from potentially dangerous situations inside the homes they must enter to care for children and families.

The job of a caseworker has always been to look out for the well-being of others. Augintel is now offering a tool that prioritizes the personal safety of these caseworkers, which has been widely appreciated by those who use the tool.

In their efforts to help keep other people safe, caseworkers often find themselves in dangerous situations – 44% of caseworkers say they have been victims of workplace violence, including physical assault or being attacked with a weapon. The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that health and human service workers are five times as likely to suffer a serious workplace violence injury than other industries.

Concern for worker safety has grown substantially in recent years. Discussions with several organizations after an Illinois DCFS caseworker was stabbed to death during a home visit led Augintel to partner with the Allegheny County Department of Human Services to develop a Caseworker Safety Alert feature.

When a new case is opened or an existing case is transferred to a new caseworker, Augintel’s NLP platform automatically scans all related case notes, including previous case files and connected cases, to identify the presence of case worker safety risks such as weapons or animals in the home. A secure email is then generated and sent directly to the caseworker(s) assigned to that case to ensure they are advised of safety risks within 24 hours of receiving the case.

“Tragic incidents of violence against social workers and health professionals in the workplace are increasing,” said Marty Elisco, CEO of Augintel. “Caseworker safety is essential, and while several laws and policies exist to address this issue, our feature will directly provide caseworkers with another layer of security. We look forward to providing this extra safety measure to the very people who dedicate their days to helping others in need.”

About Augintel
Augintel is a health and human services-focused software development company focused on solving longstanding problems with data — specifically, narrative unstructured data. We have pioneered the development of natural language processing (NLP) in our field to make narrative data accessible, searchable and actionable for staff across the organization – from front line clinicians to supervisors, quality managers and leaders. We understand that NLP products are field-specific and must be built from the ground up and tailored to specific practices in order to be successful.

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