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AWP Automated Flagger Assistance Devices Improve Work Zone Safety And Efficiency

North Canton, OH /PRNewswire/ - AWP, a safety company continues to expand its portfolio to help customers improve worker and community safety while enhancing operational efficiency as the nation's leader in traffic management. The company's new automated flagger assistance devices (AFADs) save lives, reduce injuries and support customers in completing projects on or ahead of schedule.

"The National Safety Council reported 857 deaths and 44,240 total injuries from work zone crashes in 20201," said Josh Shipman, chief revenue officer. "AWP is proud to introduce next-generation, life-saving technology that can help customers significantly reduce these numbers. AFADs are proven to improve driver responsiveness, leading to fewer accidents."

Improved Safety
AFADs are automated work zone safety systems that use onboard Google/Waze technology to divert 25% of traffic around the work zone entirely. The smart, wireless systems allow AWP Protectors to safely control AFADs remotely using a roadside tablet. This provides greater visibility of the entire work zone and puts them closer to utility, broadband and infrastructure crews for better communication.

If a vehicle does breach a work zone, an intrusion alarm immediately alerts everyone to get out of the way.

Industry research shows motorists are more responsive to AFADs than human Protectors. One study by the Missouri Department of Transportation found that, on average, vehicles approached 4.2 mph slower and stopped 11.4 ft. further back when work zones utilized ADADs. The study also revealed that 78% of drivers prefer AFADs over human Protectors.2

Enhanced Efficiency
Together, AFADs and AWP Protectors deliver exceptional availability and work zone coverage. One Protector can operate up to four AFADs in a single work zone, freeing up other Protectors to cover more customer job sites. Greater coverage helps crews finish projects on or ahead of schedule, translating to cost savings realized through less overtime and higher operating efficiency.

AWP AFADs also help reduce customer liability. Built-in, 360-degree night vision surveillance cameras show what really happened in the event of an accident, preventing potential litigation.

"AFADs are one more way AWP can take care of our customers' increasingly complex safety needs, from planning to execution," said Shipman. "We will continue to invest in the next generation of safety innovation to protect the people who make our utilities and infrastructure possible, as well as the communities they serve."

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Guardian SmartFlagger (AFAD) device is a product of Site 2020.

About Area Wide Protective
As North America's leader in professional traffic management, Area Wide Protective Inc., (AWP) protects the public and the people who make infrastructure possible. AWP's network of brands includes Safety First, Statewide Safety Systems, Trafficade Service Companies, Advantage Barricade & Roadmarks, Traffic Safety Rentals and Northwest Traffic Services. The company's capabilities include work zone flagging, design and engineering for transportation management plans, equipment sales, rental and 24/7 support. AWP employs 6,800 team members across 28 U.S. states and four Canadian provinces.

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Source: AWP, Inc.

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