Back Supports

Source: Allegro Industries
The line of back supports includes the Lifting Belt, Flexbak, Maxbak, and Deluxe Spanbak belts
Allegro Industries back supports now includes the Lifting Belt, a five-in. belt of rigid foam that supports the back through strenuous lifting. Other styles of back supports are the Flexbak, Maxbak and Deluxe Spanbak belts.

The Flexbak offers a patented three-part closure that ensures a custom fit and lumbar support. The Maxbak is a weightlifting-style belt with a patented dual side closure that provides a comfortable, non-pinching fit. The Deluxe Spanbak is constructed of rugged, high-grade spandex-type material, and is designed with a two-part closing and in six sizes.

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