News | December 7, 2011

Baseline-MOCON Introduces '9000 Keeper' Software For Series 9000 Hydrocarbon Analyzers

Source: Baseline - MOCON, Inc.

Lyons, CO — Baseline®-MOCON®, Inc., a subsidiary of MOCON® (NASDAQ: MOCO) unveiled the 9000 Keeper software to view and configure the industry acclaimed Series 9000 Hydrocarbon Analyzers from a local or network computer, for no additional charge through 2012.

The software provides total control of the Series 9000's set-up for alarms, relays, calibration, temperature, flows, configuration, data export, and data logging. The 9000 Keeper software will allow you to view concentrations and diagnostics without having to be in front of the instrument. This software is useful whether your Series 9000 measures ambient or heated total hydrocarbons, total carbon, or non-methane hydrocarbons.

Different configurations can be stored as methods on a PC which can be easily loaded into the instrument for quick parameter changes on different applications. The computer can be connected directly to the analyzer with either a RS-232 or Ethernet connection. When the instrument is connected to a network, it can be accessed using 9000 Keeper from any computer with a network connection.

The 9000 Keeper software can store user selected data on a PC or export to either a text file or a terminal emulator. Examples of the data include but are not limited to: date, time, concentration, calibration parameters, flows, temperatures, and alarms.

Baseline®-MOCON® is known as an industry leader in the development and manufacture of gas analyzers and detectors. The company's analyzers employ several principles of gas analysis and detection technology, including continuous monitors and gas chromatography, based on flame ionization, photoionization, thermal conductivity, and pulsed discharge detectors.

SOURCE: Baseline - MOCON, Inc.