News | June 1, 2010

Baseline-MOCON Releases The Most Inexpensive Portable Toxic Gas Detector With A PID At AIHce'10

Source: Baseline - MOCON, Inc.

Baseline®-MOCON®, Inc., a subsidiary of MOCON® has launched the VOC-TRAQ USB Toxic Gas Detector at the American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Expo (AIHce), May 24-26, 2010, Denver.

The VOC-TRAQ is the inexpensive way to detect many toxic gases using Baseline-MOCON's line of patented piD-TECH® plus photoionization sensors. It is designed for ease of use whether you are an air quality consultant, safety engineer, maintenance manager, or just concerned about volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in your indoor environment.

Ideal for indoor air quality applications, the VOC-TRAQ's size and versatility make it effortless to either survey room air or leave unattended for long-term analysis. The included software will display the VOC concentration in real-time or allow viewing of the entire saved time-line of readings on a single graph.

The VOC-TRAQ can operate while connected to a PC, or it can remotely store up to 36,000 sample readings with the detector's internal memory using the optional rechargeable power supply. Alarm levels are programmable with LED and/or audible notification. The VOC-TRAQ is also compatible with numerous USB accessory options.

The sensor is based on a photoionization detector (PID). The sample gas is exposed to an ultraviolet lamp. The energy emitted by the lamp ionizes and excites the targeted gases in the sample so they can be detected by the instrument and reported as a concentration.

About Baseline - MOCON, Inc.
Baseline-MOCON, Inc., first established in 1969 as Baseline Industries Incorporated, was acquired by MOCON in 2001. Baseline-MOCON is known as an industry leader in the development and manufacture of gas analyzers. The company's analyzers employ several principles of gas analysis and detection technology, including gas chromatography and continuous monitors based on flame ionization, thermal conductivity, and photoionization detectors. Baseline-MOCON is ISO 9001:2000 certified. For more information visit

SOURCE: Baseline - MOCON, Inc.