News | May 16, 2011

Baseline-MOCON Unveils A New Version Of The World's First Micro PID Sensor

Source: Baseline - MOCON, Inc.

Baseline-MOCON, Inc., a subsidiary of MOCON will be exhibiting a new version of the piD-TECH plus, the most widely used photoionization based micro-sensor in the world, at the American Industrial Hygiene Conference & Exhibition.

Numerous portable and stationary gas monitors have incorporated the piD-TECH plus for detecting volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in various wide-ranging applications, including; military, environmental, industrial hygiene, and commercial office space.

The new piD-TECH plus version includes a faster T90 response time of typically 3 seconds, has built-in enhanced RF immunity, and the new Extended Range version is capable of seeing concentrations up to 10,000 parts per million (ppm). These sensors have a significant advantage over other manufacturers' excessive humidity response, low sensitivity, high power consumption, and unwarranted drifting. Lamp life is considerably longer than the competition's and the piD-TECH plus lamp has a higher spectrum purity that results in superior repeatability.

On top of the benefits of the piD-TECH plus, Baseline-MOCON, Inc. employs product integration specialists to assist OEMs in incorporating the sensor into their product, greatly reducing the cost and time of product development. Combine this customer support with the fact that the piD-TECH plus is a UL recognized component that is intrinsically safe without the need of external mechanisms, and it is obvious why it is the PID sensor of choice.

The piD-TECH plus line sets a new standard by measuring concentrations lower than previously possible with other comparably-sized sensors. Available in a lamp energy of 10.6 eV, or 9.6 eV for more selective benzene measurement, the piD-TECH plus is offered in multiple ranges to suit your application.

The sensor is based on a photoionization detector (PID). The energy emitted by an ultraviolet lamp ionizes and excites the targeted gases in the sample so they can be detected by the instrument and reported as a concentration.

About Baseline-MOCON
Baseline-MOCON is known as an industry leader in the development and manufacture of gas analyzers and detectors. The company's analyzers employ several principles of gas analysis and detection technology, including continuous monitors and gas chromatography based on flame ionization, thermal conductivity, pulsed discharge, and photoionization detectors.

SOURCE: Baseline - MOCON, Inc.