BBL Sciences

Source: BBL, Inc. (Blasland, Bouck & Lee, Inc.)
BBL Sciences
BBL Sciences is a group within BBL focused on life sciences
BBL Sciences is a group within BBL focused on life sciences. It is comprised of more than 45 scientists with expertise in:
  • toxicology
  • molecular biology
  • endocrinology
  • ecology
  • neorology
  • carcinogenesis
  • risk assessment
BBL Sciences offers consulting services in a variety of areas including:
  • conducting human health and ecological risk assessments
  • assisting with agricultural and other global resource issues
  • providing outsourcing and resource management options
  • using sciences to better understand how chemicals may affect human development and health
  • providing technical expertise to support product development and product registration efforts
  • offering technical support during toxic tort and class action litigation

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