News | November 28, 2023

BCS Concrete Structures Enhances Worker Safety Through Respiratory Protection

Austin-based commercial concrete contractor, BCS Concrete Structures, reinforces employee safety with respiratory protection measures.

BCS Concrete Structures, a leading name in the commercial concrete contractor industry, recently revealed on their official blog that they will continue to prioritize the well-being of their employees by implementing safety measures. In compliance with OSHA Standard 1926.1153(c), the company stated that they are placing the utmost importance on adhering to the guidelines outlined in 29 CFR 1910.134, ensuring its contractors remain safe and protected.

For BCS employees involved in tasks such as concrete grinding and chipping, the use of respiratory protection is a fundamental requirement. This involves a meticulous process, including medical examinations and precise fit tests to confirm the airtight seal of each individual's mask before commencing any work.

During fit testing, a series of practical activities and verbal communication are conducted over several minutes to evaluate the effectiveness of the respirators' seals. Specially designed hoods are employed to detect any potent fumes, which, under optimal conditions, should remain undetectable.

A respirator is carefully selected based on the type of chemical exposure and the nature of the work involved. Additionally, BCS states that workers are required to be clean-shaven before undergoing a fit test. Individuals with a medical history of respiratory issues are provided with alternative solutions, ensuring their safety.

As a company, BCS Concrete Structures has consistently demonstrated its commitment to a safe working environment. Initiatives, such as the recent May Safety Summit and introductions to comprehensive training programs, have helped equip their employees with the skills necessary to navigate their work safely.

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Source: BCS Concrete Structures