Blue Wiring Duct

Source: Hellermann Tyton
Blue Wiring Duct
The new blue color indicates that the wiring contained in
Hellermann Tytone color indicates that the wiring contained in the duct runs to intrinsically safe components in a control panel. Control panels used in chemical plants, grain elevators, or other environments where explosive gases may exist are examples of intrinsic blue duct applications. Intrinsic blue Pro-Duct is slotted and available in many standard sizes. The cover is flush with the side of the duct for increased wire capacity and tight, side-by-side placement, if required. The cover is also designed to be non-slip and remains in place during vibration. Two score lines in the duct accommodate finger and sidewall removal. Both score lines provide smooth edges to ensure worker safety. Strong wiring duct fingers prevent unwanted breaking, yet the individual finger is easily deflected outward, allowing ready positioning of the wires within the slotted wall duct.

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