News | March 1, 2022

Bullard Providing Innovative Comfort With New FlexGen™ Ratchet Suspension For Safety Helmets

Safety helmet inventor Bullard provides safe, comfortable and modern helmets that are flexible and ergonomic

Singapore /PRNewswire/ - Bullard today announced the launch of the new FlexGen™ ratchet suspension for its industrial safety helmets. Bullard is a leading manufacturer of high-quality personal protective equipment and systems and is known for having invented the world's first hard hat in 1919.

The Bullard engineering team is not only dedicated to manufacturing the best helmets designed around a worker's safety, it also prioritizes adding style and comfort for high-quality and flexible personal protective equipment. The company's helmets have now been improved using the FlexGen™ ratchet suspension, with its innovative comfort and modern look.

The suspension is designed for all Bullard safety helmet products – cap style or full brim style and vented or non-vented, and is now standard for the Bullard AboveView™ helmet and the Bullard Standard Series helmets.

"The FlexGen™ ratchet suspension adds a modern triangular knob for a stylish look from the rear. It utilizes a nape swivel pad, which means the helmet's flexibility makes it comfortable and adjustable to fit different head shapes. The design helps workers avoid any sort of tightness and pressure that can lead to headaches when wearing a safety helmet for many hours at a time. And the ergonomics design reduces peak force to the wearer's neck, provides optimal air circulation, and prevents hair from being caught or pulled while wearing the safety helmet," said CEO and President Wells Bullard.

Bullard cares for workers' health and safety and sets itself apart from competitors by prioritizing comfort and style. The pillowed vinyl brow pad and optional nape cover are breathable and manufactured from antimicrobial materials that quickly absorb sweat and are washable. Bullard helmets are the best choice for working outside in the hot weather.

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Source: Bullard Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

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