News | July 4, 2016

Capital Safety Australia & New Zealand Introduce Their New 3M Protecta PRO Fall Protection Full-Body Harness Range

Re-designed and upgraded to provide total compliance, absolute confidence and value, without compromise!

Capital Safety, the global leader in fall protection has announced the launch of their latest fall protection and safety innovation, the re-designed and upgraded 3M Protecta PRO Full-Body Harness Range.

Protecta has re-designed and upgraded their harness range to incorporate key productivity, comfort and safety elements for everyday use by professionals in a broad range of industry applications; from general construction through to tower work. With eight models to choose from, the collection also includes a specialist Scaffolders harness with an integral Fall Protection for Tools belt to provide a complete drop prevention system. The Scaffolders model allows you to safely climb and work from scaffolds and ladders and minimises the risk of falling object incidents that result in personal injury, equipment damage, and tool loss.

“Full-body harnesses are genuine working tools that allow you to get on with your job without worrying about safety,” said Oscar Ratalino, Research and Development Manager for Capital Safety in Australia & New Zealand. “That’s why our all new re-designed and upgraded PRO Full-Body Harness Range offers a choice of harnesses for every possible working environment.”

With a design that incorporates lighter hardware and improved adjustability for a perfect fit every time, they ensure absolute confidence, comfort and safety for the user. The new 3M Protecta PRO Full-Body Harness Range maintains its focus on compliance and affordability making them a great value safety solution for working at height.

Source: Capital Safety