News | February 22, 2022

Cardenas Markets Taps WorkJam To Streamline Task Management

WorkJam platform to empower grocery frontline associates with streamlined communications and task management

Montreal, QC /PRNewswire/ - WorkJam, the leading digital workplace solutions provider for organizations with frontline employees, today announced Cardenas Markets, one of the largest Hispanic grocery chains in the United States, has partnered with WorkJam to deliver a single, mobile application to store associates across the country. WorkJam's Digital Workplace will pave the way for greater productivity and customer service levels at Cardenas Markets by empowering frontline associates with streamlined communications and interactive task management.

Cardenas Markets recognized the need for a unified digital workplace technology to ensure business and employee unity, especially as businesses with frontline workers continue to face logistical and organizational pain points caused by the nationwide labor shortage. The Hispanic grocery chain selected WorkJam due to its exceptional value and overall functionality compared to competitive point solutions.

"At Cardenas Markets, we're a value-driven company that puts family first — that includes our employees and customers," said Prabash Coswatte, COO of Cardenas Markets. "With WorkJam, Cardenas Markets frontline employees will gain direct lines of communication with corporate leadership, seamless task and schedule management, self-service capabilities, and ongoing training modules to ensure employees are set up for success at work every day," Coswatte added.

Cardenas Markets will take advantage of WorkJam's unified platform — utilizing open shift marketplace, shift management, mobile punch, surveys, training, task management, and communication tools. By automating and modifying these day-to-day operations with WorkJam, Cardenas Markets moves closer to achieving the operational excellence needed to drive employee engagement and uphold its incomparable customer service.

"Cardenas Markets has provided shoppers with the utmost authentic and cultural experience for more than 41 years," said Will Eadie, Chief Revenue Officer at WorkJam. "As Cardenas Markets continues to expand, we are honored and beyond thrilled to provide a scalable digital workplace solution that will deliver meaningful experiences to its customers by putting employee culture first."

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About WorkJam
WorkJam is a global leader in Frontline Digital Workplaces. We enable operational efficiencies, collaboration, employee engagement and higher retention by equipping frontline workers and headquarters staff with a state-of-the-art solutions to manage scheduling, training, task workflows, and real-time communications — all through a single platform.  Available in over 42 languages and countries, WorkJam is loved by employees and employers alike as they gain knowledge, dexterity and a compliant digital relationship created through an average 89% adoption and an ROI that begins at 170%. Learn more at

About Cardenas Markets
Cardenas Markets is headquartered in Ontario, CA, and now operates a total of 52 stores under the Cardenas banner and 7 stores under the Cardenas Ranch Markets banner. Today, Cardenas Markets is one of the largest Hispanic grocery chains in the country with stores in California, Nevada, and Arizona. For more information visit

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