News | June 28, 2007

Cargojet Honored With Transportation Health & Safety Award

Toronto - Cargojet Income Fund, one of the Canada's leading domestic premium overnight air cargo networks, recently announced they are the recipients of the Transportation Health & Safety Award. This award is presented annually by the Transportation Health and Safety Association of Ontario (THSAO). Criteria for this award involves companies operating with an injury frequency and cost rate factor below their rate group average for at least three consecutive years.

"We are honoured to be recipients of this prestigious award. We have worked extremely hard to promote safety in the workplace. Safety is of the highest priority at Cargojet and every measure is taken to ensure that it is never compromised at any level. We dedicate this award to every member of our committed Team,' says Ajay K. Virmani, President and CEO of the Fund.

"We continuously operate at the highest levels of safety, ensuring standards are never compromised for our team, thus allowing them to carry out their responsibilities and to continue to provide excellence in on-time performance," adds Ms. Angel Campbell, Director of Safety Management Systems.

"It is important to appreciate that with the added emphasis the Ministry of Labour has placed on safety performance targeting, the selection criteria has become more restrictive. This only serves to further enhance the value of Cargojet's accomplishment," says Michael J. Burke, President and CEO of Transportation Health and Safety Association of Ontario.

SOURCE: Cargojet Holdings Ltd.