News | June 6, 2023

Caster Concepts Expands TWERGO® Ergonomic Caster Line, Reducing The Risk Of Workplace Injuries

Material handling push/pull force reduced by up to 50%, lowering risk of industrial strain injuries.

Albion, MI (PRWEB) - Caster Concepts Inc., a global leader in the design and production of heavy-duty industrial casters, announces the expansion of its popular TWERGO® caster product line.

Designed to reduce strain injuries, Caster Concepts’ TWERGO® uses a unique dumbbell design to minimize caster wheel friction, reducing the force required to push or pull materials or completed manufacturing assemblies by up to 50 percent compared to traditional industrial caster designs.

Of all the factors that affect worker well-being in industrial manufacturing environments, ergonomic casters have become a crucial part of the safety equation. The amount of push force needed to move, turn and maneuver heavy duty carts and dollies can be reduced by using TWERGO casters that feature independently rotating wheels. The use of polyurethane wheels ensures even greater safety and longer caster life, lowering total cost of ownership for manufacturers.

“In today’s manufacturing environment, with staffing shortages at an all-time high and fewer people on production lines, the risk of OSHA recordable injuries is greater than ever,” said Doug Backinger, vice president of sales at Caster Concepts. “Worker safety is a priority in our product design, and, as a result, our industrial casters move more with lower push forces required.”

Caster Concepts will be exhibiting TWERGO® at the Voluntary Protection Programs Participants' Association (VPPPA) Region V conference in South Bend, Ind. June 12 – 15 at booth 38.

  • TWERGO is the original ergonomic caster wheel. Not only can TWERGO® handle heavy loads, but it also reduces the amount of energy needed to move them, making TWERGO® the ideal wheel for heavier manual and powered applications.
  • TWERGO Lite, The single 2” wide wheel version of our extraordinary TWERGO® wheels, utilizes the same patented face design to reduce initial and continuous push force. It is designed to replace standard caster wheels by adding significant ergonomic benefits, without significantly increasing the price.
  • TWERGO XTREME, designed to move more weight without compromising safety, uses a unique barbell design and tapered tread to minimize caster wheel friction, reducing the force required to push or pull materials or completed manufacturing assemblies.

About Caster Concepts
Based in Albion MI, Caster Concepts designs and builds industrial heavy-duty casters and wheels for virtually any application. Companies rely on Caster Concepts to help them increase productivity and reduce the risk of worker injury in heavy-duty material handling applications. Our high-capacity casters feature load ratings that range from below 3000 pounds to over 100,000 pounds. Caster Concepts is ISO 9001-2015 certified and offers one of the industry’s shortest lead times, making it the premier choice for many industries. The company was awarded the 2022 Corporate Impact Award by the state of Michigan. Visit

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