News | July 20, 2021

CEBU Introduces The All New Ultra Working Boots Collection

With strict regard to CEBU’s lucid philosophy of providing quality and comfortable safety boots for gallant industry workers, the management of CEBU officially launches our most recent innovation codenamed ‘ULTRA COLLECTION.’ The idea behind the manufactured Ultra Collection is to deepen our technical partnership with Agriculture, Warehouse, and Construction Industries and give industry production a significant boost.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) - Our competent teams of experts who are well ahead of their peers after carrying out the diligent market survey have observed the needs and yearnings of the average Agriculture, Warehousing, and Construction sector workers worldwide. They have critically invested in the production of safety boots for industries.

The bulwark of industry production rests on the workers. Thus, CEBU Company’s production policy is focused on workers’ welfare and satisfaction. We, in CEBU, strongly believe that if workers have adequate facilities to perform their tasks, it will motivate workers into premium delivery and output. This automatically translates into the overall efficiency and growth of the industry.


Our work boots are specifically designed to meet industry workers' primary needs, which is their protection against occupational hazards. In construction works such as roofing, framing, siding, plumbing, tiling, and carpeting, there is a high potential risk of a foot injury. CEBU Ultra Collection is the ultimate prevention of such misfortune.

Our ultra-collection is all-inclusive and designed to meet the diversity of our Latino, Chicano, and American customers. All nationality peculiarities are factored in, and every worker will naturally fall in love with the work boots, be it Mexican, Central American, South American, or African American.

For emphasis, the work boots in our Ultra Collection have a broad range of usefulness. From workers in the Construction industry to Agricultural farmers, consumers will generally derive comfort from the boots. The Ultra Collection is created with acute competence with the best resources and recourse to the vital principle of comfort.

Although manufactured in Mexico, the Ultra Collection work boots can be shopped online and through a simple walk-in to our stores. They are affordable for all industry workers. Ultra Collection has various attractive colors depending on the choice of consumers to wit: green, brown, black, and blue. Lightweight but burly.

Comfort and satisfaction, without jeopardizing qualitative standards, is all CEBU stands for, and our Ultra Collection speaks volumes of these ideals. No adequate words can describe the masterpiece collection.

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