News | March 7, 2012

Center For Offshore Safety Names Charlie Williams, Executive Director; Announces Next Steps For New Safety Program

The Center for Offshore Safety's governing board recently announced Charlie Williams as the Executive Director to lead the Center on its ongoing commitment to the safe development of America's vast deepwater offshore natural resources.

"We have assembled the best and the brightest minds to help ensure we develop America's vast resources in the safest manner possible," said Center for Offshore Safety Executive Director Charlie Williams. "Our top priority is to develop practices and programs that will help operators perform at their very best in implementing safety and environmental management systems."

Williams joins the Center after 40 years with Shell, where he most recently held the title Chief Scientist Well Engineering and Production Technology since 2005. His work has included helping to develop high pressure, high temperature wells and specialized drilling and completion equipment for extreme environments such as deepwater. Williams currently chairs the Joint Industry Task Force on Subsea Containment, is on the Operating Committee of the Marine Well Containment Project, the Executive Board of the Marine Well Containment Company, and the Department of Interior's Offshore Energy Safety Advisory Committee.

The Center's governing board, which is made up of operators, drilling contractors, service and supply contractors, and trade association representatives, is implementing programs to help deepwater operators execute the most advanced safety and environmental management oversight systems. This includes implementation of an audit checklist and third party audits so operators can assess the effectiveness and implementation of these systems which are based on API's Recommend Practice 75. This practice provides an outline for creating and implementing leading safety management programs and is referenced in the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) work place safety regulation.

"We welcome Williams to lead on this very important effort, his 40-year career has made his name synonymous with offshore safety," said API President and CEO Jack Gerard. "Safe, responsible development of our offshore oil and natural gas is critical for U.S. energy security, and it provides U.S. families and businesses with affordable and reliable energy for our future."

One of the Center's core functions is the utilization of independent third-party audits. Operator program auditing is a key part of BSEE rules. Through this auditing effort, the Center will help the industry operate safely in the Gulf of Mexico by sharing safety and environmental information to drive industry practices, standards enhancement, and safety management system implementation in a positive and continuously improving direction.

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About The Center for Offshore Safety
The Center for Offshore Safety is an industry-led initiative to promote continuous safety improvement for deepwater offshore drilling, completions, and operations through effective leadership, communication, teamwork, disciplined management systems, and independent third-party auditing and certification. The Center draws on expertise and input from the U.S. oil and natural gas offshore industry and the regulatory community.

SOURCE: The Center for Offshore Safety