Source: FLI Learning Systems, Inc.
Operators familiar with the mechanics of operating a lift truck are ready for the next step in training with COACHING THE LIFT TRUCK OPERATOR

Audience: Novice and experienced lift truck operators
Course length: 4½ hours
Operators familiar with the mechanics of operating a lift truck are ready for the next step in training with COACHING THE LIFT TRUCK OPERATOR. Utilizing the highly acclaimed "Coaching" method of non-lecture teaching, this information-packed classroom course encourages participants to observe, analyze and discuss recommended safety practices. Based on requests from safety directors, the course also includes a video presentation for in-plant personnel who do not drive lift trucks, but do work in areas where lift trucks are operated.

The program offers instructors the tools necessary to meet OSHA's new requirements for formal instruction, practical training and evaluation. Each component of the course relates directly to the others, forming a comprehensive, integrated system of training. The program's format allows for flexibility in presentation and local job site customization to cover specific company policies.


  • OPERATOR VIDEO - A comprehensive video for operators which addresses Pre-Start Safety Inspection, Lift Truck Design Considerations and safety procedures for Picking Up, Moving with and Setting Down a Load.
  • PEDESTRIAN VIDEO - A short safety video to be shown to non-operators working around lift trucks
  • OVERHEAD TRANSPARENCIES - Eight transparencies, depicting actual lift truck "accident" situations, generate group discussion of preventability issues.
  • INSTRUCTOR'S GUIDE - This fully scripted guide offers the instructor a step-by-step presentation with wide margins for notes and customization. The Guide also includes administrative guidelines, testing options, a class registration form, an inspection checklist, an evaluation/performance checklist (can also be used to determine which operators need refresher or remedial training), a certification of training and/or evaluation form, OSHA background information, and guidelines and exercises for setting up a hands-on training session.
  • OPERATOR RESPONSE BOOKS - - Full-color 32-page workbooks keep participants involved throughout the training. Participants recall and appy information presented in the video segments to Response Book situations and exercises, and also review a series of "OSHA Reminder Points." COURSE COMPLETION CERTIFICATES & WALLET CARDS included.

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