Community Noise

Source: Acoustical Systems, Inc.
Typically there are three reasons that would motivate a company to begin a community noise monitoring
Typically there are three reasons that would motivate a company to begin a community noise monitoring and abatement program.

  • The company is in violation of local or state noise ordinance.
  • The company receives noise complaints from surrounding homes, businesses, or industries.
  • The company is constructing a new facility and wants to document the existing noise levels at that
    location. The additional noise, if any, produced by their facility can then be easily measured.

    Step 1-Determine existing noise around the facility and adjacent areas. Based on the preliminary meeting and a tour of the facility, Acoustical Systems will determine the conditions and locations under which data should be collected, such as time of day, atmospheric conditions, and plant operating conditions. Integrated sound level meters will be placed at several locations and will record the necessary sound level data as well as time, date, location, and calibration of the instrument.

    Step 2-Evaluate local noise ordinances to determine extent of the problem. Acoustical Systems will document the existing noise levels. We will compare the existing noise levels to the noise ordinance. If no ordinance exists, typical ordinances may be used. This comparison will help answer the following questions:

    • Are we in compliance with the law?
    • If we do not comply, what must we do to be in compliance?
    • If we are in compliance, di we still want to pursue noise abatement

    Step 3-identify noise sources prompting complaints from the adjacent neighborhood. We will isolate individual noise sources to determine how each contributes to the overall noise levels. We will use 1/3 octave band sound pressure level measurements to detennine the frequency profile of each noise source as well as engineering calculations involving sound decay vs. distance relationships, sound wave propagation, and directional characteristics.

    Step 4-Recommend noise abatement solutions.

    Acoustical Systems will develop a solution that will reduce noise and minimize the impact on maintenance and production. A final report documenting existing noise levels and sources, recommendations, concept designs, material costs, and predicted noise levels after implementation will be provided. After implementation of the solution, Acoustical Systems will verify the noise levels predicted have been met.

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