Compressed Air Testing Program

Source: TRI/Environmental, Inc.

Compressed Air Testing Program
Air Testing for the air that you breathe
Air Testing for the air that you breathe. TRI, an AIHA accredited laboratory for industrial hygiene, provides compressed air testing and indoor testing for commercial, medical, dive and fire department applications. We care about the air that you breathe-underwater, fighting fires or in your office.

The Compressed Air sample kit was developed and patented to capture a non-pressurized sample of compressed breathing air. The sampling kit is designed to obtain an air sample at the actual flow rate of your compressor system. The sampling kit is loaned free of charge for 15 days, or the Champion 35 Test Kit can be purchased. After obtaining the air sample, the sample and kit are then returned to the laboratory for twenty-four hour analyses.

The Program specializes in the detection and quantification of gases, oil mist and particulates in breathing air. Routine air analyses include total gaseous hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, oxygen, condensed hydrocarbons and particulates. Additional analyses are available upon request and include moisture, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, halogenated solvents, benzene, methanol and mold/bacteria. Purity gases such as oxygen, nitrogen and nitrous oxide are also available, as well as fiber count analysis.

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