Compressed Gas Cylinders Safety Video

Source: Summit Training Source, Inc.
An unexpected release of energy from a compressed gas
An unexpected release of energy from a compressed gas cylinder can have devastating results. Over 150-lb. of steel traveling at high speed can cause severe damage, personal injuries and even death. The dramatic opening of this video demonstrates the dangers of compressed gas cylinders with live-action footage of a cylinder crashing through a cement block wall after a valve stem is knocked off. Designed to make a lasting impression, this video helps motivate employees to work safely with and around compressed gas cylinders.

When used properly, compressed gas cylinders are safe and valuable tools. But carelessness or a lack of information can expose employees to a wide variety of mechanical and chemical hazards. Some of those hazards can even be life threatening. This program will teach employees:

•Safety practices for handling and using compressed gas cylinders
•Inspection and testing
•Potential hazards
•Proper storage and transportation

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