Conney Truck Spill Kits

Source: Conney Safety Products
Portable and Easy to Use
Portable and Easy to Use

Kits make hazardous material spill cleanup quick and effortless. Easily stored in most vehicles and includes enough sorbents to contain up to a 7 gallon spill. Your choice of Universal Kit for aggressive/non-aggressive fluids or Oil-Only Kit for petroleum spills. Kits are available in either a water-resistant nylon duffel bag or a totally disposable carton.

Kit Contents:
2 9" X 15" Pillows
1 38" X 60" 6 mil Disposal Bag with Tie
1 Vinyl Goggle
3 3" X 4' Mini-Booms
12 17" X 19" Pads
1 Pair Nitrile Gloves

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