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PSM and RMP Consulting Services
Primatech, Inc. Consulting Services

Companies that handle or process hazardous chemicals need to protect employees, the public and the environment from exposure to accidental releases. Primatech provides consulting services to help companies reduce the likelihood and consequences of such releases. Measures taken to prevent releases also help improve productivity and quality. Primatech's consulting services range from conducting specific risk and safety analyses to providing support in establishing and maintaining comprehensive risk and safety management programs.

We provide highly specialized assistance that's not easily obtained elsewhere. Whether leading a hazard analysis, performing a risk assessment, or modeling release, dispersion and consequences, Primatech provides its expertise and tools to ensure accurate and useful findings. This helps clients realize substantial improvements in safety while meeting industry standards and satisfying government regulations.

Consulting services in process safety management and risk management cover a variety of topics to help in compliance with OSHA PSM and EPA RMP. Our traditional projects cover such areas as:

  • Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)
  • Release Dispersion and Consequence Modeling
  • Mechanical Integrity Programs
  • Regulatory Program Development and Implementation
  • Emergency Response Programs
  • Compliance Audits and Program Assessments
  • Human Factors and Human Error Analysis
  • Facility Siting Hazard Analysis
  • Expert Witness and Litigation Support

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