Control Valve Safety Signs

Source: Marking Services, Inc. (MSI)
Control Valve Safety Signs
These control valve MS-215 signs attach directly to
Marking Services, Inc. (MSI)ol valve MS-215 signs attach directly to attenuator caps to identify control valves. The signs are 3 in. x 6 in. printed with black text on white or yellow backgrounds. Each is completely resistant to chemicals and fading. The signs affix directly to the attenuator caps of control valves using a 0.75-in. x 3-in. 100-mil stainless steel "L" bracket. Simply loosen a bolt on the valve cap, thread the bolt through the "L" bracket and reattach the bolt to the valve cap. The highly visible signs stand up on the valve and are not easily removed. They are less likely to be damaged or pulled off than conventional hanging tags. They allow for significantly more readable information to be included on the valve (i.e. valve number, description, function, P&ID number). All control valve signs come preassembled using stainless steel fixtures and rivets.

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