News | May 7, 2024

Cority's Partnership With Leading AI Technology Firm, Inseer, Advances The Future Of Industrial Ergonomics Solutions

New Inseer Partnership Will Support Workers Health and Safety through Advanced Machine Learning for Ergonomic Risk Identification, Assessment, and Management

Global enterprise EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety) software provider Cority announced its investment in EHS-focused artificial intelligence (AI) technology through a new partnership with Inseer, a leading provider of state-of-the-art video analytics software for industrial ergonomics applications. The strategic union enables Cority to further improve customers’ workplace health and safety and reduce injury risks by expanding upon its award-winning ergonomics product offerings.

Inseer’s ‘Vision System’ enables organizations with or without dedicated ergonomists or specialized expertise to capture ergonomic risk data quickly and effortlessly in the field using a mobile device. Three-dimensional motion data is analyzed using Inseer’s patented risk algorithm, generating a full ergonomic assessment report in mere minutes. Cority will be able to incorporate that data seamlessly into its comprehensive EHS SaaS-based platform, CorityOne, which spans the full spectrum of environmental, health, safety, quality, sustainability, and analytics.

“The Cority-Inseer partnership leverages computer vision and machine learning technology to enhance and extend human abilities to help organizations make better, more responsible business decisions, which is what we’re all about,” said Sean Baldry, director of product marketing at Cority.

Recognizing market demand for AI-enabled solutions to reduce workplace risk, this new partnership enables the future integration of Inseer’s AI-powered technology for ergonomic analysis within Cority’s comprehensive, enterprise-level risk management solutions. The pairing will further enable Cority customers to transform their EHS practices and take another massive step toward predictive risk management.

“Historically, 90% of ergonomic program efforts have been focused on responding to workplace injuries. What we’re trying to do with AI-powered technology is to shift that approach and prevent those injuries before they happen,” said Shane Larson, Inseer CEO. “Centralizing AI-enabled ergonomic data from Inseer within Cority’s EHS platform enables organizations to better understand where the risk of incident is the highest, so they can prioritize-and justify-where to make investments to reduce ergonomic risk in a practical way.”

Knowing where to invest your limited resources is critical for organizations seeking to better protect their global workforces and realize step-change in EHS performance. Research shows that musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) – injuries linked to ergonomic risk exposure – account for 35 to 50 percent of all non-fatal occupational injuries and related worker’s compensation costs in select industries. High MSD causes equate to more than $1 billion a week on serious, nonfatal workplace injuries, according to the Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Industry Index. Further, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) indicates that indirect costs (training replacement, accident investigation, lost productivity, poor quality, lower employee morale and turnover, increased insurance premiums) are up to four and a half times.

Despite the scale of the problem, many organizations lack the internal expertise and budgets needed to address long-standing ergonomic risks in a sustainable and scalable way. The Cority-Inseer partnership responds to these trends by enabling non-experts through AI technology to conduct effective ergonomic risk evaluation in the field, and easily identify which exposures should be prioritized for immediate intervention before these exposures result in costly ergonomic injuries.

“Cority’s use of AI will help the industrial ergonomics specialist become more productive and efficient, while also empowering EHS generalists to make more informed decisions based on the insights and expertise provided by Inseer’s AI engine,” added Baldry.

While CorityOne already provides users of multiple Cority solutions with comprehensive risk profiles of their employees, being able to tie in information related to a person’s health record, incident and injuries reports, exposures to potentially dangerous environments or chemicals and more. The addition of Inseer technology will introduce AI-driven support for robust industrial ergonomic risk management, adding a natural complement to Cority’s industry-leading office ergonomics offering. Together, Cority customers will benefit from a comprehensive solution to address ergonomic risks wherever it may arise within any business or industry.

Source: Cority