News | August 21, 2018

Corvex Connected Safety And BEworks Partner To Predict And Improve Worker Safety

New White Paper demonstrates impact of behavioral science to empower workers

Eden Prairie, MN /PRNewswire/ - Corvex Connected Safety, the first worker-powered IoT safety platform, has partnered with BEworks, a leading management consulting firm, to increase safety accountability in the workplace. The two organizations have released an initial report entitled Leveraging Behavioral Economics and Technology to Reduce Workplace Incidents to define the benefits of using behavior-based methods to improve safety. The report also outlines new application features within the Corvex solution to optimize behavioral interventions and decrease workplace risks.

"We commend Corvex for its forward-looking and scientific approach to improving workplace safety," said Kelly Peters, CEO and Co-Founder, BEworks. "Science tells us that current workplace safety communications like training and compliance reviews often fail to motivate safer behavior, like wearing personal protective equipment, putting workers at risk. By embedding behavioral interventions into its flagship IoT platform, Corvex is demonstrating leadership in a sector that needs to do all it can to prevent worker and workplace safety."

The Corvex Connected Safety Platform uses sensors and smart Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to provide relevant, real-time safety data to help safety professionals predict and prevent workplace incidents. The new report explains how evidence-backed behavior change techniques can increase worker engagement and encourage safer behavior using Corvex technology. As the first deliverable of the new partnership, a combined team of experts from Corvex and BEworks have developed a Safety Index Score™ to better predict workplace accidents and help workers overcome behavioral biases that might influence unsafe action.

"We know that behavioral interventions can reduce unsafe behaviors by as much as 20 percent. More importantly, we believe that giving workers a voice makes them happier, more productive, and safer. The Corvex Platform has the unique capability to incorporate BE methods to engage the worker in their own safety, and the safety of those around them," said Ted Smith, CEO and President of Corvex Connected Safety. "Understanding the risk profile of not only specific worksites but individual workers, and even the entire organization, will help us deploy the right behaviorally-triggered interventions to improve safety in real-time. Concurrently, we'll be giving safety professionals and leadership teams the leading indicators they've been waiting for, so they can prevent problems before they happen."

Behavioral economics is the study of psychology related to the economic decision-making of individuals and institutions. Evidence-based insights from the fields of cognitive and social psychology, neuroscience and marketing science allow behavioral economists to understand how people make decisions and why they behave the way they do, offering powerful new ways to create and measure change.

About Corvex Connected Safety
Corvex puts the power of connected safety in the hands of workers resulting in engaged workforces and more effective safety management programs. The Corvex Connected Safety Platform uses IoT technology and real time information to achieve the first truly proactive, predictive approach to safety. Behavior-based data provided by the Corvex Connected Safety Platform delivers real-time safety data that provides broader, more proactive view of risk based across the worksite and the organization as a whole. Learn more at, follow Corvex on Twitter and connect on LinkedIn.

About BEworks
Founded in 2010, BEworks is an unconventional management consulting firm that believes science has the potential to transform the economy and society. With a team of experts in cognitive and social psychology, neuroscience and marketing work, we answer our client's most complex business questions, execute disruptive growth strategies and accelerate innovation. Part of the kyu collective of companies since January 2017, the firm works with Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies. BEworks was co-founded by Dan Ariely, renowned behavioral scientist, Kelly Peters, the firm's CEO and BE pioneer, and top marketing scholar Nina Ma┼żar. For more information please visit, follow BEworks on Twitter and connect on LinkedIn.

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