News | July 20, 2021

Creative Safety Supply Releases Heat Stress Infographic Amid Record Temperatures

Learning to recognize heatstroke can be lifesaving, inform workers on how to avoid this deadly condition with Creative Safety Supply’s new infographic about preventing heat-related illnesses.

Beaverton, OR (PRWEB) - The recent bout of extreme heat in Western America has been marked as one of the deadliest heat-related events the region has suffered in recent years. As the country enters the hot summer months, Creative Safety Supply has taken a big step to inform the public about the dangers that come with extreme heat by releasing a new infographic titled “Heat Stress.”

“The heat here in the Northwest has been unprecedented lately,” noted Nick Jordan, a partner of CSS. “As a company with a warehouse that doesn’t have a sufficient air-conditioned environment, we are always looking out for our employees and reminding them of the actions they can take to avoid heat stress while working. It was then that we realized heat stress information needed to be represented on our website for the public in an easy-to-read format.”

According to the EPA, an average of 600 people a year have heat exposure listed on their death certificate as the primary cause. That’s more fatalities than those caused by tropical storms, flooding, or tornadoes. However, the EPA estimates the number of heat related deaths to be much higher at around 1,300. The reason being because heat exacerbates other heath conditions such as heart failure and can even lead to respiratory diseases such as pneumonia.

The most recent heat dome event that took place in the Northwest and portions of Canada during the last week of June and beginning of July is suspicioned to have caused hundreds of sudden deaths. The extreme heat topped thermometers at 110° F or more, which is around 30-40° F higher than the average temperatures the Northwest region sees this time of year.

With that being said, deaths caused by heat stroke are completely preventable as long as the right action is taken at the right times. For that reason, Creative Safety Supply’s heat stress infographic is available to anyone at any time by simply downloading the free content. Use this time to evaluate your workplace to ensure employees and individuals who are regularly exposed to extreme temperatures are properly protected.

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