News | August 1, 2023

CS Concrete Structures Strengthens Workplace Safety With Fall Protection Competent Person Training

BCS Concrete Structures, a leading turn-key commercial concrete subcontractor , prioritizes safety by providing comprehensive training to employees.

BCS Concrete Structures, the leading turn-key commercial concrete subcontractor in Central Texas, continues to prioritize safety by providing comprehensive training to its employees. On June 30th, twenty-eight select BCS employees successfully completed a Competent Person training in Fall Protection, as part of the commercial concrete contractor's ongoing safety initiatives and pre-qualification requirements for upcoming projects.

The Competent Person training, following OSHA's CFR 1926.32 (f), empowers individuals to identify potential hazards in their work environment and take prompt corrective actions to ensure employee safety. BCS understands the paramount importance of maintaining a safe and secure working environment and is committed to ensuring that its workforce is well-equipped to mitigate potential risks.

The training was conducted by Falltech, BCS's primary fall protection vendor, who sent expert trainer Mike Tavis from Phoenix to deliver the program. Participants gained a comprehensive understanding of their responsibilities as Fall Protection Competent Persons, as outlined in OSHA's CFR 1926, Subpart M. The training covered various aspects, including Fall Protection Systems, Harnesses, Self-Retracting Lifelines (SRLs), and Training Requirements.

Additionally, workers were trained on how to execute a successful rescue operation in the event of a fall. Armed with this knowledge, the trained employees are now better prepared to assist their colleagues in using fall protection equipment safely, fostering a culture of vigilance and responsibility towards workplace safety.

BCS Concrete Structures remains dedicated to maintaining the highest safety standards across all projects and is proud of its employees' commitment to continuous learning and safety best practices.

Source: BCS Concrete Structures