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The most comprehensive, Chemical, Environmental, Health, Safety and transportation data source available
The most comprehensive, Chemical, Environmental, Health, Safety and transportation data source available.

Accurate, timely and complete information is the key to smart decision-making. With so many sources of EHS information available in so many formats, how do you choose the ones you need, and where do you look first when the right answer is critical?

Solve the dilemma with Online, the only data source that provides EHS and chemical professionals with web access to the leading global substance and regulatory databases simultaneously.

There are no membership fees or connection charges: you decide what information you want and how you want to pay for it. Whether you access DataCHEST Online via the Internet, extranet, or your corporate intranet, its friendly web-browser interface simplifies and optimizes the gathering and analysis of information. With DataCHEST Online, data is just a mouse-click away. Online provides:

  • A single point of access to the leading global scientific, technical and regulatory databases, including ChemADVISOR (LOLi), CHEMTOX, CCOHS, Haskoning (EaSI), Kemika XXI and many others
  • Hundreds of thousands of identified products and substances that are cross-referenced in such common fields as description, chemical composition, physical properties, risks and symptoms of exposure, information on logistics, or product disposal
  • A series of standards used by the major industrialized countries in order to regulate transportation, safety, health and the environmental impact of products and substances
  • Fast, direct access to high-quality information that is constantly being updated

DataCHEST Online can be linked to third-party solutions such as Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain Management, EHS Authoring, Laboratory Information Management Systems, Environmental Management Information Systems, Occupational Medicine, Industrial Hygiene, and Import/Export Management. It can also be a valuable source of information for research and development, legal affairs, first-response teams, academia and government officials.

DataCHEST's friendly webw-browser interface allows you to:

  • Find and use information from all available databases simultaneously
  • Build advanced queries and apply Boolean logic for fast, efficient searching
  • Use DataCHEST's advanced data management tools for storing, manipulating, and downloading data
  • Set up a personal profile for easier, more efficient use of the system
  • DataCHEST Online offers the most comprehensive chemical, environmental, health, safety, and transportation data source available, delivered to your web browser when you want it, the way you want it. Companies and organizations dealing with national and international scientific, technical and regulatory issues will appreciate the power and user-friendliness of DataCHEST Online. Online may be the only data and content source you need!

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