News | November 27, 2017

DEINSA Presents Its New Autumn-Winter Clothing Line For Rural And Forest Rangers

DEINSA, a company specialized in labor protection since 1987, presents its new line for autumn-winter clothing for rural and forest rangers

DEINSA, a company specialized in occupational protection since 1987 with an extensive catalog of more than 8,000 references in Personal Protection Equipment (EPI), presents its new line for autumn-winter clothing for rural and forestry guards. High quality garments that will protect against the cold to these professionals, who develop their activity in long days outdoors.

This new autumn-winter wardrobe line for forest rangers is made up of several models of Shoftshell jackets, t-shirts and polos, sweaters and trousers, as well as various accessories such as boots, gloves or executioners. All garments designed to report to the worker maximum comfort while protecting against low temperatures of this season.

The different models of Shoftshell jacket combine a warm interior with a water-repellent exterior that also protects against the wind, guaranteeing at all times the breathability of the garment. T-shirts and polos are available in different shades, and in their variety of short sleeves or long sleeves. All of them are manufactured with high quality materials that guarantee full comfort and freedom of movement.

The pants are water repellent, and also provide effective protection against the wind. They have a high resistance to tearing and ensure sufficient breathability. On the other hand, winter sweaters are light and easy to care for (machine washable without the need for ironing). Its design includes a slight elevation to protect the neck from the cold, as well as a half zip for ease of use.

The fall-winter team for rural and forestry agents is topped with the addition of various accessories, such as boots, belts, gloves, executioners and masks, socks and caps.

With this new line of winter clothing for rural and forestry agents, DEINSA demonstrates once again its commitment to work safety and its ability to respond to the demands of technical clothing of a number of professional groups.