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Although designsafe 1.x could be customized to various applications, the standard dictionary related to the manufacturing industries
Industry specific dictionaries

Although designsafe 1.x could be customized to various applications, the standard dictionary related to the manufacturing industries. Version 2 includes several different industry dictionaries including: packaging, construction, military, medical, construction, aviation, and others. The list of users and tasks are tailored to better fit each industry. And, of course, the dictionary is completely customizable so end users can make whatever changes they require to the lists.

Hazard-based option

Version 1 employs a task-based approach to risk assessment, e.g. you are asked to identify users and their tasks before identifying hazards. Version 2 permits focusing immediately on hazards by looking to "All Users" and "All tasks." This feature is particularly applicable for organizations just starting out in risk assessment activities and for early design concepts where tasks are not well defined.

User dependent task lists

Each user has an individual task list. This should greatly speed analyses as only applicable tasks need to be considered.

Risk model options

Version 1 uses a single risk matrix, similar to MILSTD 882, using the two factors severity and probability of occurrence. Version 2 increases the risk model options by permitting users to select one of several risk models. Three of the models are based on three risk factors, e.g. severity, exposure and probability. Five of the models are based on two risk factors, e.g. severity and probability.

Second risk assessment

Version 1 includes one risk assessment that was intended to be revised based on the risk reduction employed. Version 2 includes a second assessment after risk reduction that shows both initial and final risk levels.

Faster risk reduction selection

Version 2 uses drop down menus to speed the risk reduction portion of the analysis, and we permit end users to customize the items in the risk reduction lists.

Person responsible

Version 2 includes a column to assign responsibility to a person.

Browser-based Help

Help is now in a web-browser format. The content has been expanded and updated. We encourage you to visit Help with questions.

Attaching documents
Version 2 permits attaching other documents to an analysis (e.g. a photo, letter, or other electronic file)


Several new reports have been added including a Job Safety Analysis Report. Reports are not accessible within the demo.

Other features

Many new features have been added to speed your analysis

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