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Not only must the words be correct for global markets, but the words must be presented effectively and appropriately. We offer comprehensive production and layout capabilities—with a strong eye for overall design...
Not only must the words be correct for global markets, but the words must be presented effectively and appropriately. We offer comprehensive production and layout capabilities—with a strong eye for overall design.
Layout artists can take the project from conception all the way through to camera-ready art, respecting the design and typographical requirements of global markets.
We are one of the few companies that can provide Asian layout in an electronic format, in addition to providing RC paper or film output.

Design and layout
Even a perfect translation can be marred by incorrect hyphenation or disregard for international publishing standards. Working with you, we can establish and maintain comprehensive formatting guidelines, including:

  • length restrictions
  • rules for treatment of foreign-language text expansion
  • use of hyphenation
  • treatment and placement of diagrams, graphics, and call-outs
  • any icons and symbols and their treatment and placement within the layout

For multilingual documents created by your in-house staff or by third parties, we can proof final artwork for correct text placement, broken type, and line breaks. We support all major software applications, including: Photoshop, PageMaker, QuarkXPress, Freehand, Illustrator, PowerPoint, and FrameMaker.
ForeignExchange also converts single-language layout templates to multilingual templates that adhere to the latest regulatory requirements of your target markets.
Multilingual documents will have a look-and-feel consistent with your current materials. Our designers will suggest ways of keeping the documents as short as possible-this includes space-saving ideas such as increased use of international symbols and icons and font/paragraph formatting that maximizes the available print "real estate."

Camera-ready output
We offer a wide range of camera-ready output for all languages, including the double-byte languages of the Pacific Rim. This includes electronic formats such as EPS, TIFF, and PDF, four-color film, Linotronic output, high-resolution laser printing, and even mechanical paste-up.

Image scanning and retouching
Sometimes older graphics exist only on art boards. When these graphics need to be included in electronic layouts, we will scan hardcopy images and diagrams at resolutions up to 1200 dpi. Our artists will also "clean-up" the scanning image, including blanking out text included in the scanned graphic, straightening lines, adjusting shading, and removing imperfections.

Print management
For many companies, it makes sense to outsource the entire multilingual documentation process, including printing. In response, we establish printing specifications with the client, including paper stock, ink requirements, folding patterns, binding, and print quantities. ForeignExchange can also manage the entire printing and mailing process—from quotes, to list selection and ordering, to final mailing.

CD-ROM and multimedia localization
ForeignExchange provides complete multimedia production services, all the way from pre-production (consultation on the most appropriate means of creating and adapting original content for diverse markets) through production (project management; sourcing, screening and coordinating native-speaking talent; selecting, scheduling and supervising studio recording) to post-production (media duplication, translation of support materials).
Specializing in multi-language projects, our engineers ensure that all multimedia titles are adapted to client specifications. Our experience covers the following types of titles:

  • computer-based training (CBT)
  • "edutainment"
  • games
  • presentation

Narration, subtitling, and postproduction

Dubbing (or lip-synching) is used when the speaker is on-screen. It is not recommended for facial shots nor close-ups of the speaker. A specialized manuscript is required, translated and adapted for the lip movements on the screen. Specially skilled talent are needed for the most accurate lip-synching.
Voice-over is most appropriate when the speaker is not on the screen. A new, translated audio track is added, while the original voice and language are retained in the background. While a specialized script is still required for translation, timing is less critical and voice-overs are accomplished more easily and less expensively than dubbing.
Following narration, a separate timing edit is undertaken to ensure that the translated audio script adheres to the timing requirements of the source video.

Subtitling is the translation and condensed interpretation of the on-screen dialogue displayed as text and overlaid on the video. Subtitling can be used when dubbing is not recommended.
Subtitling is an art all its own. Usually two lines of translated text are placed as a block across the bottom of the picture. While each text block needs to be timed (and often compressed) to the actual events on screen, the two lines have to give the full meaning of what is said.
Using Teletext, DVB subtitling, or similar methods, several languages can be transmitted simultaneously over one channel. Subtitles can be displayed in the selected language using a decoder and character generator at the head end of a cable TV system, at a local transmitter, or in the viewer's decoder (Teletext, DVB, etc).

Stripping and synchronization
Audio and video tracks are synchronized to ensure that sound matches motion. We can produce finished foreign-language media, including video/audio overlays, sound effects, and art cards. ForeignExchange delivers final products in any number of media and formats, including DAT, MPEG, and many others.

We offer comprehensive transcription services from most media. Depending on client requirements, the transcribed text undergoes a series of quality-control and editing steps before being finalized. Often, the transcribed text is then translated into English for further processing by the client.

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