Disposable Coveralls

Source: B.W.S. Distributors
Saranex™ Coveralls provide excellent protection against splash protection
Saranex™ Coveralls provide excellent protection against splash protection. With a 4 layer coating of Saranex™ 23P over a tyvek base garment, you will not only realize protection, but comfort as well. Polyethylene coated provide the best protection against many acids and other liquid chemicals. With a 1.25 mil coating, these garments will provide comfort as well as protection. These garments are ideal for use in many industrial applications.

Tyvek® Coveralls will meet your protective wear needs from spray/splash garments to small particulates. These garments will keep you protected, clean and dry. This workhorse will provide the most versatile protection as a barrier against many dry particulates including asbestos, radioactive dust, and nonhazardous chemicals.

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