Diver Cooling System

Source: DTI (Delta Temax Inc.)
The CORETECH RC4 Driver Cooling System provides effective body cooling for overheating drivers in multi-layer fire suits and hot cockpits
The CORETECH™ Driver Cooling System provides active, effective, body cooling for hot water dives. It extends the dive time in hot environments dramatically.

The CORETECH Diver Cooling System consists of a TUBEsuit™, PX Cooler, and an insulated umbilical water supply hose. The TUBEsuit, which is a lightweight knit garment laced with a network of tubing, is worn close to the diver's skin for effective conductive cooling. The PX Cooler is an air-powered liquid circulation pump attached to an ice chest that acts as the ice/water reservoir. The insulated umbilical water supply hose attaches the TUBEsuit to the PX Cooler with quick connectors. A built in regulator gives the diver full control of the cooling level, with simple single knob control.

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