Dry-Block Calibrators

Source: Fluke Corporation
The company, a leader in compact, professional electronic test tools, offers the 500 Series Dry-Block Temperature Calibrators.
The company, a leader in compact, professional electronic test tools, offers the 500 Series Dry-Block Temperature Calibrators. These calibrators provide a quality solution for temperature probe calibration approaching the accuracy and stability of traditional oil-based baths costing thousands of dollars more.

State-of-the-art controllers, low mass heating elements and precision thermoelectric cells give the Dry-Blocks the ability to maintain stability and uniformity without sacrificing fast response times, saving cal lab managers valuable time during probe calibration. Calibration labs calibrate industrial thermocouple and thermistor probes by immersing them in a precision temperature source such as a dry-block calibrator.

The series includes four standard range Dry-Blocks plus one unique unit with the broadest single unit temperature range on the market (-30°C to 650°C). Features such as high probe capacity (carries up to 14 probes), easy manual or PC programming, fast ramp times, ramp and soak set points, and basic probe calibration using MET/CAL procedures make the series one of the best values in temperature probe calibration.

518- Dual range temperature unit (-30° to 650°C)
This model has the widest temperature range available on the market in a single unit. The model can calibrate both hot and cold ranges at one time. On the cold side, temperatures range from –30 to 140°C; the hot side ranges from ambient through 650°C. Probe capacity ranges from six to nine probes per side making it the highest throughput, widest temperature range unit on the market.

517- Low temperature/High speed unit (-45°C to 140°C)
This model's design produces one of the lowest temperatures found on Dry-Blocks today. This fast responding sub-ambient unit makes a full range temperature step in only 10 minutes. The response of this unit coupled with five available test wells makes this a very efficient calibration tool.

516- High probe capacity unit (35°C to 600°C)
This unit can calibrate up to 9 probes at one time to increase work load capacity. Five fixed ¼ inch holes and four insert holes allow the user to mix and match different probe diameter inserts to workload.

515- High speed unit (35°C to 650°C)
Similar in time response to the 514 sub-ambient model, this unit makes use of a lower thermal mass and a variable speed fan to facilitate quick heating and cooling times. The 516 is able to reach a full range, stable temperature condition in 15 minutes. This model comes with one ¼ inch interchangeable insert.

514- Low temperature unit (-25°C to 140°C)
This is a low temperature (sub-ambient) range model that uses thermoelectric cooling devices to control temperatures below ambient. The 514 has four fixed test wells and one interchangeable insert. It has a very fast response time of ten minutes for a full range step change in temperature.

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