Dual Waveband Infrared Flame Detector Model FD-21

Source: SRS Technologies
Dual Waveband Infrared Flame Detector Model FD-21
Features: Low cost, Microprocessor based alarm decisions, Zero false alarms

  • Low cost
  • Microprocessor based alarm decisions
  • Zero false alarms
  • Wide temperature range of operation
  • Through-the-lens self-test
  • All solid state reliable design
  • Patented signal processing

The SRS FD-21 dual IR flame detector is a low cost detector that operates in extreme environment conditions. Its operation is based on the principle of sensing radiant IR spectral and temporal features unique to hydrocarbon flames, and rejecting other energy sources that have similar or overlapping features. Optical filtering, analog signal conditioning and digital signal processing are all used to discriminate between fires and other radiation sources.

The detector is capable of detecting a one square foot gasoline fire at a range of 30 feet in less than one half second. The range can be significantly increased with some degradation in false alarm sensitivity. The field of view is a 90 degree cone. The detector has a zero false-alarm rate, including insensitivity to direct sunlight and high energy lamps at point blank range.

Through-the-lens self-tests are performed automatically every minute. The self-test verifies clean sensor window, healthy sensor operation, and healthy microprocessor and electronics operation

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