News | January 15, 2017

DuPont Launches Tyvek IsoClean, The New Single-Use Range For Cleanrooms and Controlled Environments

DuPont de Nemours, a specialist in innovative personal protective equipment, has just presented its new range of DuPont Tyvek IsoClean protective clothing and accessories. With these new CE-certified single-use garments, DuPont offers effective, safe, comfortable and economically efficient protection solutions, meeting European standards for the protection of operators, processes and / or products in cleanrooms and controlled environments.

The range has been scientifically tested to preserve the safety of both people and processes and consists of monkeys, gowns, hoods, sleeves, shoe covers, boot covers and copings. It has been specially designed for use in the pharmaceutical, medical and biotechnology environments in demanding environments with high levels of protection against microbial and private contamination.

Tyvek IsoClean garments offer the ideal balance between protection, durability, comfort and pollution control, in environments where sterility is crucial, based on the barrier performance of the renowned Tyvek material. Tyvek is a solid material that provides a barrier against particles and bacteria, while being soft, light and breathable. It repels water-based liquids and liquid aerosols and is inherently abrasion-resistant and does not release threads or fluff.

Tyvek IsoClean protective clothing, category III, is certified according to type 5 (protective clothing against solid particles in air suspension) and type 6 (protective clothing against splashes of limited intensity). They also have certification for protection against infectious agents (EN 14126) and meet the requirements of ISO 16602: 2007 (Chemical protective clothing - Classification, labeling and performance requirements). They are adapted to clean rooms GMP A and B (ISO 4/5, Class 10/100).

All Tyvek IsoClean sterile garments come in sealed packaging. Certain models are available in double barrier packaging (double bag) according to a validated system consisting of an inner and an outer packaging, with easy opening. This concept not only facilitates the management of the risks of sterility, but also facilitates the reduction of contamination risks when introducing the garments in the white room.

Tyvek IsoClean clothing is a one-time use and does not require various dressing and undressing cycles, cleaning and sterilization, thus minimizing the risk of cross-contamination. That way their protection and solidity are kept constant by being free of the repeated and expensive washes needed by reusable monkeys. They also allow for the elimination of the uncertainty of costs due to arrangements, wear and loss of garments, so that the expenses are perfectly defined.

DuPont proposes a program of clothing of the range IsoClean that offers the possibility to order only the quantity that is anticipated to use. With this, there is a lot of flexibility if needs change and there is no need to make unnecessary disbursements.

As in other Tyvek garments, research into an ergonomic and comfortable pattern has been at the heart of the development of the new Tyvek IsoClean clothing. The design of the monkey has been optimized to achieve a safe protection that is combined with free movements, due to the softness and lightness of the material. This garment features a zip fastening at the front, thumb elastic that prevents sleeves, elastic at the openings, reinforced internal seams and covered to improve protection and reduce the risk of penetration of liquid and particles.

With Tyvek IsoClean, DuPont has developed a new and innovative range, based on its technical know-how, which responds to the specific needs of protection in cleanrooms and controlled environments and to the standards required by the European market.

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