Ear Muffs

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Ear Muffs
Diamond 100 (NRR 22) is Howard Leight's newest jewel in the crown
Howard Leight Industriesamond 100
Folding multi-position earmuff
Diamond 100 (NRR 22) is Howard Leight's newest jewel in the crown. This earmuff provides superior communication for both normal and hearing-impaired workers because the Diamond 100 muffles high frequencies exceptionally well. Diamond 100 makes conversation easier while still protecting the user from the most damaging type of noise.

Two-in-one combination for optimum protection!
Optimuff (NRR 26) is the innovative combination of two of the industry's leading safety products. Optimuff integrates the LM-77 ear muff with stylish Uvex® eye protection. Optimuff is comfortable enough for all-day use and folds to a super compact size for easy storage. Available in two sizes, the OM-77 (regular-size lens) and the OM-77L (large-size lens). Attenuation tested in accordance with ANSI S12.6-1984. Eye protection tested in accordance with ANSI Z87.1-1989. OM-77 is red with yellow brow bar. OM-77L is blue with red brow bar.

Hearing, Eye and Head Protection in One!
Howard Leight introduces the most unique and comprehensive safety product in the hearing protection industry-the Opti-Helmet. Opti-Helmet works with your hard hat to combine highly effective Howard Leight ear muffs (NRR 26) and stylish Uvex safety glasses (ANSI Z-87.1-1989). Opti-Helmet is the perfect product for anyone who needs hearing, eye and head protection at the same time.

Leightning 31
The most comfortable, highest attenuating ear muff available!
Howard Leight's new LEIGHTNING (NRR 31) earmuff blows the competition away with an NRR 31-the highest available in the industry-and unsurpassed comfort. Weighing only ten ounces, the LEIGHTNING is light-weight, heavy duty hearing protection. The LEIGHTNING 31 features special, high-density, slow-recovery foam ear cushions that contour to the ear. The independently flexible wire headband and adjustable cups provide a custom fit for any size or shape head. And, the wide, extra-long padded headband and its two-point suspension offer easy adjustment for a personalized fit. Available in jet black.

Thunder 29
Our original extra-protection ear muff
THUNDER 29 (NRR 29) is fully dielectric with an extra-long, padded headband for a comfortable fit. Oversized vinyl cushions help distribute pressure evenly around the outer ear for maximum user comfort. Replaceable and washable soft foam ear cushions ideal for extended use.

The new Quiet Muff from Howard Leight doesn't whisper, it shouts: Comfort! Quality! Affordability!
The QM25 (NRR 25) features a deluxe padded headband which gives a more comfortable fit when worn in the over the head position. The adjustable crown strap allows this versatile ear muff to be worn behind the head or under the chin. Weighs only 6 oz., rated at NRR 25, the QM25 is a highly effective ear muff at a tremendous value.

Ultra-lightweight for prolonged usage-PLUS newly designed for even higher attenuation!
QM24+ (NRR 25) is a three-position, ultra-lightweight ear muff. Weighs only 6 oz. for comfort during prolonged usage. The high visibility red cups and black band add style to an extremely functional ear muff. Supplied with an adjustable crown strap for a secure fit when worn behind the head or under the chin. Low-cost cushions are easily removed for replacement.

High attenuating cap-mounted ear muffs
LM-77H (NRR 27) is a high attenuating cap-mounted ear muff that fits most slotted hard-hats... no tools required. Lightweight, comfortable and extremely effective. Dielectric. Hard hat not included.

Super multi-position ear muffs
LM-7 (NRR 26) is a multi-position ear muff with a 360 degree rotating headband. Dielectric, extremely effective and incredibly comfortable. Can be worn for long periods of time due to low headband pressure and specially designed cushions. Available in Glo-Orange (LM-7-OR)

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