Electric Hand Trucks

Source: L P International Inc.
These safety moving systems feature a power lift wheel
These safety moving systems feature a power lift wheel system. The system moves longitudinally on the frame and can extend a full 40 in. to permit ground to tailgate loading and unloading.

PowerMate steel models (M-2C, M-2B, and M-1) have a broad range of applications. They are typically used by industry, governments and institutions (schools, universities, hospitals, etc.) to move such things as automatic vending equipment, boilers, electric motors, barrels, gas cylinders, safes, office equipment, maintenance equipment, etc.

The aluminum models (L-1 and L-2) are used for moving fragile goods such as sensitive electronic hardware, hot water tanks, home oxygen cylinders, mainframe computers, office equipment, TV sets and furniture, yet these models are still tough enough to handle major appliances and woodstoves.

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