Emergency Evacuation Products

Source: Omniglow Corp
These safety products help turn chaos into calm and avert
These safety products help turn chaos into calm and avert disaster with safe illumination. The manufacturer attempts to prevent slips and falls through these portable light sources that function without sparks, heat, or flames. The products are designed in a variety of shapes, sizes, intensities, and durations.

Cyalume and Snaplight lightsticks are one way to evacuate a crowd. In the event of a power outage, each evacuation team member should use a 6-in. lightstick for lighting purposes, and each supervisor should distribute 6-in. lightsticks to every department employee.

Lightshape markers are best suited for color coding environmental or atmospheric conditions as safe, unsafe, or not tested. The clearly visible route markers identify exit routes and should be placed in critical areas, i.e. near fire extinguishers, exits, stairwells, alarms, etc.

The S.E.E. system is a photoluminescent glow in the dark panel that is immediately visible. It activates instantaneously at the pull of a handle. Users should remove one lightstick and leave the premises, leaving the other in place as a stationary light source. One of these systems every 100-ft. along a designated evacuation route provides a safe, clearly lighted path.

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