Environmental Management Information Systems Report

Source: Donley Technology
Environmental Management Information Systems Report
This 354 page special report includes
COMPREHENSIVE! This 354 page special report includes:
An ANALYSIS of trends in comprehensive systems for environmental, health and safety management
A GUIDE for selecting the right system to meet your needs DETAILED PROFILES describing 35 EMIS systems, including cost and ordering information
30+ TABLES comparing product features for managing wastes, water/wastewater, air pollution, OSHA records, emergency response programs, process management and more

COMPARE PRODUCTS EASILY! See which systems have features like:

  • chemical inventory tracking
  • data management functions
  • databases
  • regulatory compliance support
  • report generators
  • environmental business functions
  • mapping/GIS functions
and much more... MATCH HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS to your existing capabilities!
COMPARE COSTS! get the most for your money. JUST THE FACTS in one COMPREHENSIVE SOURCE

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